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Welcome to the end of the world...

We are the revenants.

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Hello all and welcome to Evil Overlord AVY's army of the undead HQ! Yes yes I know, if you don't know me already, you think I'm crazy. You're right. Anyway, this is just the little hangout and discussion place for my army, you know , for planning and stuff. If you join, please post here with a country you would like or other random place. You can have a cool job title, or fight in the army and be a general of admiral or something. And just as a reminder, this is all in good fun so please don't get offended or anything, it's not meant to be offensive.

Updated Army Listing. Please help me remeber the people I have forgotten.

Most Important Officials:
Dark Lord- AVY/Ashley
Minions Assistant/Goldfisch-Allison/Silent Werewolf

Country Claims:
Dark Lord AVY: The United Kingdom + Ireland
Minion: Colorado, Malfoy Manor
Allison: India
Ashley S.: no idea...
Kristin: The Carribean
Britney: Caribbean Islands and Bahamas
Imp #1: Australia and Iceland
Yvonne: Nepal
Flynn: Jamaica
Trish: Still deciding
Randi: Japan
Jason: China
Jenna: Canada
Jorden: I don't know...
Cyndi: Egypt
Josh: Turkey/Chicken

I know I'm forgetting people here, oh well. Someone also claimed France and someone claimed New Zealand, but I have no idea who. Russia is reserved for Trish if she wants it as well as Cuba.